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Monthly Archives: May 2020


Are you suffering financial hardship because of Covid 19?

There is the possibility of some money from the Adapt Hardship Fund.  This is a pot of money for people living in Tynedale who have been adversely affected by the restrictions imposed by Covid 19 and as a result are finding it difficult to manage on their income. Examples could include:

  • Change in financial circumstances 
  • Changes in employment 
  • Breakdown of essential household items e.g. washing machine
  • Unexpected fuel or other bills
  • Breakdown in relationship

You have to complete a very basic application and there are some guidelines form that can be accessed through these links


Application Form

or contact:

 The Parish Council Chair, Rupert Gibson. 07966 257275


Vice Chair Kirsten Francis 07717244933

You can refer yourself directly or Rupert or Kirsten can do it on your behalf.

The pot is limited and once it is spent that will be it, so if you want to apply I would do it as soon as possible. A copy of the guidance and application are posted next to this notice.