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Moth Morning

Moth Morning, 16 July 2011

Despite extremely heavy rain, the moth morning went ahead with twelve of us sheltering under a large gazebo looking at what we had caught in the light traps. In total we caught thirty species of moths and a sextant beetle. All the moths were examined, recorded and then released into the wood shed.

The heath trap, set in Tina’s garden caught:

 Plain Golden Y 1
Large Yellow underwing 3
Dusky Brocade 2
Double-striped Pug 1
Dark Arches 3
Barred Straw 1
Muslin Footman 1
Garden Pebble 2
Double Square Spot 1


The Robinson trap, set in John’s garden caught:

 Antler Moth 4
Straw Dot 1
Riband Wave 3
Bird Cherry Ermine 2
Elephant Hawkmoth 2
Burnished Brass 3
Dark Arches 5
Large Yellow underwing 2
Barred Straw 4
Mother of Pearl 2
Swallow-tailed Moth 1
Heart and Dart 1
Buff Tip 1
Spectacle 1
Marbled Minor agg. 1
Light Emerald 1
Dunbar 1
Clay 2
Double Square Spot 3
Dusky Brocade 1
Common Rustic 2
Light Arches 1
Small Rivulet 1
Bee moth 1
Smoky Wainscot 1
Snout 1
Muslin Footman 2


The trap used in John’s garden has a much brighter bulb and so attracted more moths!

Click on pictures to enlarge

Antler Moth

Buff Tip Moth

Double Striped Pug Moth

Elephant HawkMoth

Garden Pebble Moth

Light Arches Moth

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