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History and Show


The leek show is judged in the morning and involves a process called ‘benching’. We bring our leeks washed and tidy to the Crown Inn at about 9.00 in the morning.  They are checked in, and the stamp recorded to your name, then popped on to a table for judging.

Leeks are measured for their circumference and height, the two leeks’ totals added together and there you have it.

All entrants will receive a cash prize which is usually the minimum of their membership fee.

There will be prizes for the following categories:

  • Overall winner
  • Best Leek
  • Most improved
  • Heaviest onion
  • Flower arrangement in a vase
Previous overall winners are:
2015 P Atherton
2014 M Elliott
2013 M Elliott
2012 M Elliott
2011 M Elliott
2010 A Younger
2009 K Francis
2008 C Francis
2007 C Paxton
2006 G Elliott
2005 I Batey
2004 C Paxton
2003 D Dougal
2002 D Dougal
2001 D Dougal
2000 C Paxton
1999 D Dougal
1998 I lambie
1997 G Elliott
1996 A Ritson
1995 N Robinson
1994 J Marran
1993 A A Jewittt
1992 M Marran
1991 J Mitchell
1990 A Ritson
1989 G Elliott
1988 P Heslop
1987 P Heslop
1986 A A Jewittt
1985 G Elliott
1984 A Ritson