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Swallow Project

Young swallows in nest.

Young swallows in a Humshaugh nest.

Humshaugh Swallow Project

The Humshaugh Swallow Project aims to find and monitor all the swallow nests in the village and surrounding area, to ring the swallow nestlings and to ring a proportion of the adult birds and learn where are birds are moving to and how many return. All ringers involved in this project are licensed by the British Trust for Ornithology and have many years experience of catching and handling birds. All the data is shared with the BTO and the information gathered by this project contributes to our understanding of swallow ecology. The project has been running since 2011.

During the last five years we have monitored 116 nests, ringed 315 nestlings and caught 36 different adult birds. Ten of our adult birds have been retrapped in successive years with a female caught in 2011 retrapped in 2013 and 2014 and a male first caught in 2013 retrapped in 2014 and 2015. One of our nestlings has returned as a breeding male, moving from near the river into the centre of the village.

I am still looking for swallow nests in or around Humshaugh, so please do get in touch if you would be happy for us to monitor your swallows in 2016. You can contact me on 01434 681051, 07717574151 or via

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in this project, to all of you who have allowed us access to your gardens and outbuildings, without your help this project could not work.

Many thanks Tina